Writing or Luke the... blogger? Author? ✍️

I write whenever people want to read. I like learning new stuff, sharing insights and explaining the complicated.


I blog since 2004. Since June 2021 I post long-form writing on my personal blog. I cover various areas of technology, internet, media, society and how it all interplays with each other.

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Language translations

I speak Polish and I use that superpower to make software and knowledge accessible to my fellows.

As a volunteer translator I authored or participated in Polish language translations to small and medium projects, including Crowdin, OBS Studio, Django Girls Tutorial and more.

Some recent works of mine:


In 2010s I wrote three books that sold in a few thousands of copies. Mostly about WordPress. I may write more someday, who knows.

My books on Helion.pl My books on EscapeMagazine.pl